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My Time at the Porsche Parade

By Erik McIntosh

I immensely enjoyed my time at the Porsche Parade. I drove to French Lick Indiana with Jack and Ryan and split the next week into preparing and showing a 964 in the Concours, representing MAAP at our vendor booth, and enjoying the in-between moments filled with rare cars and thrilling exhibits. The 964, belonging to Hank and Jolly Weil, has been at MAAP the last few months becoming Concours ready, and couldn’t have come out looking more spectacular. Learning the ins and outs of making a car Concours ready has been a great experience that has left me with a whole new level of attention to detail that I’m sure will help me throughout my professional career as well as any hobby or project that I take on. I couldn’t have enjoyed my time at the parade more, and congratulations to Hank and Jolly on placing first!

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