May 9, 2017

About Us

MAAP is a non-profit that exists to share the love of the automobile with the next generation, to provide educational and bridging opportunities for automotive restoration/preservation, and motorsport experiences.

Mission: To create Cooperative Opportunities between Auto Manufacturer(s), Higher Education Institutions, Vintage Auto Clubs and Enthusiasts and other Non-Profit Organizations to promote learning among Students with aptitude in Engineering, Non-Profit Management, Economic Development, Grant Writing, Automotive History, Communications, Social Marketing, Event and Project Management.

Core Objective: Create a Harrisonburg, Virginia location adjacent to James Madison University featuring space for an automotive workshop, to prepare and educate students through service provision to clients and assisted by JMU faculty, to facilitate learning related to the education, history and social value of the automobile to students and the general public.

About The Founder

Cole Scrogham is a four-time Manhattan Concours winner and eight-time national champion team owner with Porsche brand. He is also a noted author of “Porsche 356 Carrera: Four Cam Production Car” and “Porsche 911 Engine Assembly Guide.”

How can you help? Message us your idea!

It could be as simple as coming by to see the new workshop and having a cup of coffee. It could mean that you have a possible opening in your company for an intern or employee, or would like to sponsor a MAAP internship.

Perhaps you have a vehicle needing restoration, or a motorsport project that could use professional support, or know someone who does.

It could be as simple as supporting the non-profit through a tax-deductible gift of cash or securities, or a gift of a tangible item that could be auctioned on behalf of the non-profit.

Your support can also be one that shares the mission and activities of MAAP as an advocate. Any and all of that support will be valued and appreciated as we share our passion with the next generation!