December 13, 2018


In May 2017, MAAP opened it’s doors to the public. We didn’t always have a nice, glossy floor, a garage filled with vintage automobiles or a classroom with shelves stocked with rare automobile memorabilia. Take a look at how it all started! 

The warehouse was just a big building filled with old boxes from JMU storage. All the junk was removed and we started to add shelves.
The start of Pitstop Coffee bar! As you can see, the sink doesn’t look like that now.
The bar is being set up!
Looking toward the classroom door -notice there are no windows!
Classroom and museum starting to take shape!
All this junk was left… but can you spot what our table is made from?
looking better…
Still a lot to clean out.
Just a big building for storage… amazing what a little work can do!