September 27, 2018

Pitstop Coffee Bar

No Cars & Coffee on June 8, we will be at the Richmond Porsche Meet.

Looking for the best espresso in town? We’ve got you covered. Lattes, Americanos, Aeropress and Pour-overs, we’ve got it!

Stop by on your morning commute and grab a brew! Our students say it’s better than Starbucks and Greenberry’s, so come try it for yourself. Pitstop Coffee Menu

Try our new seasonal Espresso Tonic, the perfect refreshing drink to keep you cool in this summer heat!


Stop by to see us for a purchase!

Long Sleeve tees, Short Sleeve, Institute tees, MAAP hat, Pitstop Coffee tees, stickers, Engine Assembly Guide books and more!

Cars & Coffee

No Cars & Coffee on June 8, we will be attending the Richmond Porsche Meet.

Every Second and Fourth Saturday of the month from 9am-11am!