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Complete Auto Restoration

Concours results are not only a matter of time and dedication, but of knowledge and experience. How else can you achieve the highest success in a very competitive environment?

By combining the knowledge and experience of experienced Concours experts like Cole Scrogham, with the enthusiasm and dedication of JMU students eager to learn more about automotive technology, you can expect results and help contribute to the appreciation of the automobile for the next generation a the same time.

We strive to match our goals with customers who expect the same results, and it shows. We plan to be a “disruptor” in the restoration industry that is often symbolized by the dirty, dark and disorganized repair shop. MAAP is going to have very different look and feel, to prepare degree seeking students for a competitive future in automotive restoration.

Results like this don’t happen by accident.

Exact recreation of existing parts from the year they were manufactured!

Cole Scrogham led a team of professionals to an unprecedented four Manhattan Overall wins prior to the trophy being disbanded in 1995, after his 550-0075 project won the final award…four more Group wins were added after that with a variety of cars such as a 1992 Carrera Cup USA, America Roadster, Speedster, 911 Lightweight and 3.8 GT3RS. Scores include the highest recorded raw score at a PCA National Concours event, 299.8 out of 300 possible for a 991 GTS Coupe at the Jay Peak Parade.