May 29, 2017


Are you looking for something in particular? Maybe a 356 Speedster, early 911 or a newer GT3?

How about a 2010 GT3RS, you know, the kind you have to shift yourself?

Or how about the world’s nicest 914 2.0? The least expensive near-perfect car you can find with a removable roof, disc brakes, fuel injection and 5-speed. Wait, we may want to just keep this one.

Or maybe you just need that last cool part to make your restoration complete? We are sure its around here somewhere and we forgot what we paid for it in 1978.

Ask and see what we’ve got!

Factory original Marelli Twin Plug Distributor in excellent used condition.


Marelli Twin Plug Distributor

Sprint RSR engine parts as sold by Porsche Motorsport in the late 1990’s, complete with 6 ported Cylinder Heads, 2 sets of Titanium valves with springs, Sprint Camshafts, Special Mahle Pistons with higher CR 11.5:1 and wider pockets, Cylinders with windage notches, all parts with 32 hours from new and in excellent, used condition. Extremely rare package that made 408hp in race trim. There are a few parts that need replacement such as 3 spring seats and valve keepers.

$7800 for the package, will sell heads separately for $4500.

Sprint RSR engine parts

If you have any further questions, please contact us.