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The General Takes Home the 356SC

The General Takes Home the 365SC

Air Force General and Vietnam War Hero Chuck Boyd had a chance in 1964 to purchase a brand new
356, ending up with the base C model. “On a new pilot’s salary just starting out in the Air Force,
I couldn’t afford the SC model. I really wanted a red SC with the more powerful engine, and
settled for a C coupe painted white.”

He drove that new 356C back home to Kansas where he was stationed at the time, but never forgot about the SC. Now, decades later, General Boyd has the red SC that he always wanted, safely tucked away in a hanger that also houses a few special airplanes. And according to the Porsche Parade Concours Judges, as close to “new”, as you might find.

The Signal Red 1964 356SC was the winner of the Restoration Group Award at the last Porsche Parade, held in Boca Raton in 2019. The high scoring 356 was then prepared for road use after winning the prestigious award, the restoration assembly and all subsequent preparations were carried out at the Madison Automotive Apprentices workshop.

What Cole is doing there [at MAAP], it’s really amazing to see.

General Boyd

“What Cole is doing there, involving young people and giving them a head start in the industry, it’s really amazing to see.” General Boyd became a fan and a supporter or MAAP very quickly. His visits to the shop to see the SC’s progress, taking little trips before going “solo” for the first time were always appreciated by the MAAP interns. One referred to the General as “walking history” and couldn’t believe he actually bought a new Porsche in the 1960’s.

It appears history repeats itself and makes the impossible always seem possible, if we keep our dreams alive. Well done General Boyd!

The 356SC nestled at home in the hangar.

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