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Dynamic Suspension Intensive

Ten students participated in the ’22 Winter Session Intensive on Automotive Suspension Systems. We were graced with the presence of former Porsche Motorsport Engineer Owen Hayes. Hayes braved the snow to come to MAAP and talk to students about engineering careers in Motorsport during the session. Owen showed us the latest in suspension setup equipment from CP Tech in Europe. The likes of which are used by many professional teams in IMSA and WEC competition.

MAAP will use this equipment in coordination with our setup platen in the restoration of both modern and vintage cars. The suspension setup features laser toe measurement and bluetooth connectivity. It’s a brave new world for students interested in high performance and motorsport applications of the future!

During the 5-day session, students were educated on different types of suspension systems, tire manufacturing, tuning concepts and were able to perform a complete “setup” on a new Porsche 992 GT3!

MAAP offers multiple intensive courses like this one throughout the year. We are really excited about about an upcoming certificate program available for JMU students this May 2022. This program will become a template for future offerings for a 3-credit course for students interested in automotive careers. Read more about that program here.

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